Saul Korman, Owner, Korry’s Clothiers to Gentlemen

Legendary throughout the city of Toronto for his innovative and animated radio ads, Saul Korman has built a highly successful and truly respected menswear company on his reputation and personality. Dubbed by the Mayor of the city as the “Duke of the Danforth” Saul is a fixture in Toronto’s Danforth neighbourhood. Here are Saul’s thoughts on…


“Every great leader possesses a great deal of charisma. You have to.”
“To ensure success you need to possess the ability to build people with knowledge around you… and you stick with what you know.”


“Throughout my life, I’ve always come back to one statement – It’s all about family. And I still believe in that.”


“Everything Richard Branson does is great. It seems his staff love him. He makes everything he touches special. We could learn a lot from him.”
“Nobody today can market like Lady Gaga. I didn’t realize she had any talent, but she has lots of it.”


“Build up your personality. Build your business. Shake your customers’ hands. Make yourself a personality and it will work.”
“Know what your passion is. Do it, stick with it and work it.”
“I love my family and love everything I do. I learned to love retail, but I really made retail showbusiness… and that’s what I love.”
“Respect is critical in this business. It usually results in support. I receive great respect from the people I buy from and I respect them.”