A selection of feedback from our customers…

Hello Saul:
After listening to you adds for over 25 years on The Fan, I finally made it down to Korry’s yesterday afternoon. I wanted to let you know that Eddie did a great job getting me set up for my daughter’s wedding in Scotland next month. It was a pleasure dealing with all the staff from the girls at the front, to Eddie & the tailor who measured me up.
All the best!

Brian M.


Thanks very much,
I was more than pleased with the service I received from Eddie. He was outstanding. He knew exactly what I was looking for and how to suit me for the occasion. I felt comfortable leaving with my suit and even more comfortable wearing it during the cruise. I have and will in the future send business to your store and to Eddie. It is well worth the money.

Thank you.


Saul, I got great service from Francois on the sell and your tailor on the service. In fact in about an hour I will meet the up with your tailor who is kindly bringing my suit out to Mississauga to save me a second trip to your store today from east Oakville. I saw a great sport coat there today that I’ll be coming back for in September.

I’ve been buying my suits at Rosen’s for 37 years…but now I’m moving on to Korry’s



I am very happy with the purchase I made. I will continue to shop at Korry’s. Until recently I was unable to shop at your store. Now I wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

Your salesman didn’t miss a beat. I was sold what I want, and informed about products of interest, upcoming sales, and accessories. I would hire him for sales anytime.

Thanks again Saul, I’m glad you are here in T O

Paul M


Hello One & all,

I love my two new suits!! As promised by Shawn, they wear like steel!!


Dave S


My son and I have been listening to your ads on Q107 for years. When he told me he and his groomsmen were going to buy their suits at your store for the wedding I couldn’t wait to finally visit your fine establishment to get outfitted for my suit.

Frank and your team did not disappoint. Great service, selection and atmosphere. First rate all the way.

Only place for my suits from here on.


John H


Thank you for excellent service. Best fitted suit I ever bought.


Frank M


Thank you for creating such a fantastic experience during our visit to Korry’s. I had looked around a bit, as I needed a new suit. But as I am not from Toronto, I had looked closer to home. As I am a regular listener of Q107, I decided to make the trip to Toronto. From the greeting upon walking in, to the exceptional service and recommendations from Eddie, it made someone that doesn’t buy or wear suits regularly very comfortable and confident in what I was purchasing. I just wore the suit at a gala this past weekend and was complimented numerous times.. I am also getting married in this suit at the top of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary in July, and will send a pic from 8000ft on top of the mountain.

Thank you

Mark C


Frank was great and I love my new suits. I live at Pape and Danforth so I’ll certainly be in again.




I would like to give credit where it’s due and the service provided by Frank was wonderful. Including the recommendation of Pan’s restaurant down the street. I look forward to going back to both of your establishments and will certainly recommend both to my friends and colleagues.


Brent M


Hello there, Saul.

I just wanted to pass along a note to recognize the quality of customer service that one of your employees has provided over the last month. In mid-April, I sent a note asking if it would be worth it for me to drive down from cottage country to purchase a pair of suits at Korry’s.

Within ten minutes of sending the e-mail, Eddie Gabel phoned me to confirm my plans, and assured me that I would be able to get the two Roberto suits for $798. The next morning, I drove down from Lakefield (two hours away from the Danforth) to select the suits. Upon my arrival at the store, Eddie was warm, courteous and professional in his demeanor. He was great to deal with. I was impressed with his kind manner. Eddie was well-versed in your stock, offering his take on what I was interested in, and what I might consider if I was to come back for a future visit.

You should be proud to have Eddie on your staff – he is a wonderful representative for your long-standing Korry’s brand.


James M


Bought 2 Roberto suits today. Eddie was very professional and helpful. I even had a chat with Saul himself. Great value, amazing service. If you need a suit, deal with the pros. Go to Korrys.

Stuart Carroll


Today is my Uncle Saul Korman‘s Birthday! My uncle still teaches me the importance of customer service and the importance of maintaining great relationships with people in everything you do in life. Uncle Saul is everybody’s uncle and a true “connector”. Drop in for a visit anytime at Korry’s 569 Danforth, there is always time for a coffee, a chat, insight and education. I love my Uncle Saul!

Mitch Korman


Saul, Shawn and Francois,

Thank you for the email and the other expressions of thanks received in the past few weeks. As a customer it feels very good to be appreciated. In the future, when the need arises, it will be, “better call Saul.”

Jamie W


Mr. Korman,

I’d like to express my appreciation for your service, thoughtfulness, and genuine interest in the customer.

My family lives outside the city and my father would specifically travel to your store to purchase his menswear. This wasn’t an overly large trip, but well over 300 km return. As a young man I always wondered why he would travel so far when there were so many other stores between his place and yours.

I recently moved to Toronto and required a new suit. Of course there are many options, but Korrys instantly came to mind. I entered with the intent to investigate rather than purchase, but ended up leaving with a quality suit that fit my budget. From the moment I walked in, I understood why my father would make the trip – friendly staff that cared about the customer, listened to their needs, and worked with their requests. Something that he practiced at his family run business and is harder and harder to find these days.

I was thoroughly impressed with the service, store, and quality of the garments. The staff were phenomenal – kind, knowledgeable, and skilled at their craft – I’ll most certainly be back.

Thank you for thinking about the small details and showing that customer service isn’t dead.

I wish you and yours the best in 2016 and the best to your staff as well.

Thank you and I look forward to visiting your establishment again soon.

Daniel M


I have been meaning to shop there for a long time. I have listened to your radio ads on the Fan590 for years. You are first class all the way and I will definitely be back!

Happy new year!

Steve S


Wanted to take this opportunity to specifically thank 2 individuals at your store who went above and beyond when I really needed it.

I had a job interview on a Monday, and came into your store in a quasi-panic on the Saturday looking for a suit. Frank Smith was EXTREMELY helpful and knowledgeable. I told him what I was looking for and he suited me up in quick order with 2 Roberto suits and 3 shirts — both on sale at very reasonable prices btw.

Then came the alterations. I don’t remember the tailor’s name (he spoke with an accent), but he understood that I needed the navy suit for Monday morning and he was able to get the alterations done in just a few hours for later that Saturday! The grey suit was promised in a couple of weeks, but I got a call later the same week saying it was ready. Just fantastic service all around.

Not that the job I was going for required me to wear suits, but I knew I needed one for the interview — perhaps just for a confidence boost. And yes, I got the job, and I wear the pants of both suits on a regular basis.

That was the first time I have shopped at your store, but you can be sure I’ll be back. (fyi…I heard about Korry’s from your radio spots on 1010)

I hope that you will convey my sincerest appreciation to both employees!

Thanks again,



Saul, I have been hearing you for almost a decade on AM 640(Mojo)..Finally decided to come on in and purchase a suit for my wedding (September 12th). I did ask for you, but you were not in. I came in with Canali on my mind, but decided to go with Coppley..After trying on a jacket or 2, I wasn’t “Sold”. My salesman (Eddie) was incredibly passionate about suits, his job and the customer. He wasn’t pushy and let me find the suit that worked best for me. I went for the Canali, even though, pretty much the entire store was on sale 🙂 The level of service I received, from Eddie, Shawn and your tailor team was fantastic. Its probably the closest experience a dude getting married can have, that would be the equivalent of a Bride finding her dress with her best friends. I am well aware of the cost of the suit and the attention to a customer such a purchase would dictate. Luckily I am not a douche and can appreciate the genuine nature your staff and how they treat their customers. Eddie went over and above to make me feel like a V.I.P and can I can say with total conviction, he will now be my “Suit Guy” going forward.

Hopefully I will get a chance to run into you at the store to say hi, but either way..the years of indoctrination from your radio spots has finally paid off. Consider the ROI a success on this happy customer.




The experience was pleasurable. Although I spent more than I intended, I am very happy with the quality of the product and service received.

Thank you,

Jerry S


Hi Saul,

Your son and team have been very kind to me. It’s nice to see the level of service you and your team give to your customers, it far exceeds most business’s.

I congratulate you and will be a customer of yours for a very long time.

I am going to Anguila next month and will be seeing Hiro in St Maarten. He always has very nice things to say about you.

I hope to meet you next time I come by.

Rajan K


My shopping experience with Eddie’s help was great. Please offer him my thanks again! Good customer service is hard to come by and is not lost on me.

I am told (by my wife) that I looked great in the suit, so well done, and thank-you.


Brian S