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Korry’s Associates: Eddie Gabel, Wardrobe Consultant and Senior Buyer

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Eddie Gabel, Wardrobe Consultant and Senior Buyer

Eddie has more than 17 years’ worth of knowledge, experience and expertise with ultra-high-end menswear programs.  He also brings to Korry’s more than 6 years of excellent customer service, maintaining long customer loyalty while also achieving great success at client development.  As Senior Buyer, Eddie plays an important role in sales and trend forecasting within the store, and he works closely with brand executives to consistently achieve the highest results for every program.

Paul & Shark: Where Technology meets Menswear

By |2018-04-05T10:42:33-05:00April 3rd, 2018|BLOG, Fashion & Trends|

Paul & Shark: Where Technology meets Menswear

Paul and Shark (P&S) is somewhat of a paradox; a brand with a classic overall aesthetic that constructs their garments with a more technological, progressive approach. Think traditional down filled jackets constructed with an electromagnetic wave shield for cellphone radiation insulation. Their “Three in One Kompact” technology for example provides the durable foundation for all their knitwear, ensuring each sweater will be free of pilling and hairiness. This impressive feat is achieved by using yarns that are in fact comprised of three individual threads (hence the name “Three in One”) spun together, creating a more resistant piece of yarn.

Their outerwear also has many cutting-edge characteristics. Their patented “Typhoon 20000” technology for example is used to create high-performing windproof/waterproof jackets that will keep consumers warm and comfortable during unfavorable weather conditions. They do this through the inclusion of an ultra-thin membrane on the surface of every jacket, preventing water from penetrating through, while still maintaining its wind-resistant characteristics.

Paul & Shark is important to the evolution of menswear because they are consistently proving that technology can be successfully incorporated into fashion. Brands like P&S offer consumers cutting-edge, technical garments that still retain its sartorial merit. Gone are the days where buying more “progressive” clothing made you look as if you just stepped out of the Matrix (exhibit A, exhibit B and exhibit C). P&S is blurring the line between traditional and technical menswear, offering their consumers more utility and value than most brands on the market. I predict that this is where the future of menswear is headed and it’s exciting that Paul & Shark is one of the brands leading the way.

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